Google TV: Shanzai Offerings

With internet TV poised to be the next big media revolution, Apple and Google have already pushed out their offerings in hope of wide spread adoption. Google TV's basically uses a modified version of their Android operating system, which proved to be easily adopted by Shanzai manufacturers in Shenzen. Modified versions of Android 2.2/2.3 (for mobile phones) have been used to push out Shanzai Android tablets for 2 years already, and porting Android to a digital media receiver was a no-brainer. The current Shanzai Google TV's have been advertised for the past couple of months, and at present day there seems to be more offerings, but sadly all seem to only run Android 2.3. Most likely the ported Android 2.3 Google TV's do not offer as good an experience as Google TV Version 1's Android 2.1, and as the O/S has already been upgraded to Honeycomb for Version 2, Shanzai manufacturers have some catching up to do. The actual specs, functions, and Google TV apps compatibility of the Shanzai offerings are all highly suspect; CEI's sample testing will follow shortly as this manufacturing segment begins to mature.  

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